Chen Show Mao plagiarised Donald Low?

  Enigma says

After all is said and done. More is said than done.

Comments taken from Chen Show Mao’s status update:

Xu Si Han:

I kinda think you should credit Donald Low, most of the ideas here are taken from his note. Even the way the ideas are laid out are in almost the same order.

Xu Si Han:

@Jen the ideas may be universal but if you examine the language and structure, they are largely similar. it looks like plagiarism if we don’t credit our sources.

Xu Si Han:

@Haziq I think a significant portion of the comments so far give the impression that people think he was the genesis of all the ideas in this post. So that either indicates that most people can’t read, or that the note still gives the impression that he came up with it entirely on his own.

Shermon Ong:

Dear Mr Chen,

Before I start, I must admit that I am supportive of your time in Parliament and whatever ideas you have brought up. However, I am disappointed, to say the least, that you failed to attribute the source of this article to Mr Donald Low.

It matters little that you had a line saying that this was feedback. To the ordinary reader, and indeed it can be shown from the thread of comments here, it seems as if those ideas came from you. To cite examples of such misconception, refer to the comments posted by Shawn Byron Danker, Jo Frets Lee, Jen Lfb and Henry Ang above.

To say that this analysis is general economic principles misses the point. Compare both articles carefully and you will see that even the numbers used at the same ($1 million for $3 million in healthcare, $10 million for $20 million in roads). If this article was meant to be an excerpt from Mr Donald Low’s article, then credit him for it. No matter how I read this status, I fail to see any link back to Mr Donald Low’s article.

Shermon Ong:

Dear Shang Yen See, plagiarism is not determined by whether the original author is bothered by the re-posting. The act of reposting without proper attributing itself is plagiarism.


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