Belonging to the younger Singaporeans

Belonging to the younger Singaporeans who have yet the authority to vote, I am also very embarrassed by what my generation has to say about Singapore and her politics.

It is very sad for me to see that most of my peers, including those younger and older than me (that has been able to vote in the last GE and PE) talking bad about the government. It has gotten from bad to worse.

Honestly, I don’t really see why is there a need for all these anti-government debate. Being a pure history student in my secondary school days (one of the last batches to study Malayan history for my syllabus), I saw how difficult it was to get Singapore into what we have now. And I can proudly say that I am actually grateful of what I have, and appreciating the efforts that our leaders have made for us. But too bad, I don’t think the bulk of my generation had understood that.

Maybe we were too spoon-fed, and maybe we are a bunch of spoilt kids; at least to me we are. Most of my peers are complaining about not being able to enjoy more benefits, one of the most prominent topic always brought up would be the foreign talent issue. Yes, I agree that there are a lot of foreigners on our land, and yes, many of them are really rude and I get pissed off with some of the random strangers I meet in my daily life, but what I don’t understand is that why do we have to put all the blame on the government? I hear my friends saying “so many “Chinamen” around”, “ask them to go back lah”, “government ask so many “Chinamen” come for what” on a daily basis.

The situation escalated when the incident with NUS scholar Sun Xu posted about Singaporeans being dogs on his Weibo. I cannot deny that I am also angry with him for saying that. But the difference between my reaction and my friends’ reaction is this:

Sun Xu: There are more dogs than people in Singapore.

Me: This is the type of people who make the impression of Chinese foreigners decline rapidly.


And it becomes “government’s fault”.

I really don’t understand how this works. Isn’t the fault obviously with Sun Xu and not all chinamen, and also not the government?


by LSH



It is important to distinguish between an individual and a group.

What Sun Xu said was offensive. We may expressed our displeasure at him as an individual.

No doubt, there are many individual like Sun Xu, both local and foreign, among us. It is not wrong to express ones displeasure at each of these individually.

It however become an issue once we start to target them as a whole, transferring the anger at an individual to the group. That’s stereotyping. It is a prejudice. Eventually, it will degenerate into discrimination.


Policies are to serve peoples needs, politics are to serve someones greed..



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