Hougang resident files court application for PM Lee to call by-election – Smoke Screen? – by Davian Lee

I must be on a bloody roll today. Picked out a news coverage from Yahoo! Singapore – this time their journalistic endeavours must have gotten the better of them. Please refer to the link below.

So here is an article that talks about a court application supposedly filed by a Hougang resident calling PM to call for by-elections in Hougang in the next 3 months.

According to the article “The 42-year old part-time cleaner, Vellama D/O Marie Muthu, filed the application via her lawyer M Ravi.”

The article then goes on to mention that “Vellama is the sole breadwinner for her family of two daughters and an alcoholic husband deemed unfit for work. She is also supporting her 77-year old wheelchair bound mother and her 52-year old diabetic sister. All are dependent on her meager monthly salary of $300.”

So here is the deal…a woman with a meager $300 salary, saddled with a whole host of problems including a alcoholic husband and a wheelbound chair mother, is able to instruct a lawyer to file this application. How on earth is she going to pay for the lawyer. Unless M.Ravi (yes the same lawyer who threw things at journalists during a press conference) has agreed to do this pro-bono.

Doesnt this just sound so fishy? Is Madam Vellama really doing this out of her own intentions or is she being instructed and financially supported by the party in blue to file this application.

The Worker’s Party have successfully used the by-election decoy to deviate the burning questions thrown at them questioning the party’s integrity in handling the Shin Leong issue. You can fool us once guys but you are not asbout to fool us again! We still need answers as to whether YSL’s affairs were known to you before the elections and why wasnt action taken against him.

Perhaps someone should file an application calling for WP to produce some answers as the residents in Hougang have been cheated.

As for Mdm Vellamma, as much as I can empathise with her. But she is not alone in this. She can always turn to the covering WP MPs from neighbouring Aljunied. You have 5 MPs now for the price of 1! I am very sure that they can still offer assistance to you.



Yahoo Singapore : http://sg.news.yahoo.com/blogs/singaporescene/hougang-resident-files-court-application-pm-lee-call-035237571.html


Source Link https://www.facebook.com/notes/davian-lee/hougang-resident-files-court-application-for-pm-lee-to-call-by-election-smoke-sc/258506200897656




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