Role of women

Somehow..I don’t know why..after watching the Singapore Talking just now (where Tin Pei Ling features as well)..subject being role of women in politics and corporate level..this LKY speech kept coming back..but of course this is actually referring to fertility issues..

““When we adopted these policies they were manifestly right, enlightened and  the way forward to the future. With the advantage of blinding hindsight, educating everybody, yes, absolutely right. Equal employment opportunities, yes, but we shouldn’t get our women into jobs where they cannot, at the same time, be mothers…. You just can’t be doing a full-time, heavy job like that of a doctor or engineer and run a home and bring up children … we must think deep and long on the profound changes we have unwittingly set off.”

…Our most valuable asset is in the ability of our people, yet we are frittering away this asset through the unintended consequences of changes in our education policy and equal career opportunities for women. This has affected their traditional role as mothers. It is too late for us to reverse our policies and have our women go back to their primary role as mothers, the creators and protectors of the next generation. Our women will not stand for it. And anyway, they have already become too important a factor in the economy.”

– then-Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, in his speech 
‘Talent for the future’, delivered on 14 August 1983 “


Just for sharing..:-}

by HH



As I sat and observe the recording I was bursting and I wanted to say it is not equal opportunity that I want — I want equal choices for both men and women.

When men choose to stay at home, they are discredited as ‘weaker than wives’
When women choose to stay at home, they are said to be ‘not given the opportunity in corporate world’.

Hello! It is my choice where I want to be — don’t push me to be CEO when I really want to be mum.

Also, elected politicians cannot be taken as a measure of how equal our society is — people voted the women ministers out because of the party they belong to.

We should look at Perm Secs. Last Saturday they published our female perm sec (equivalent to CEO) and I think about 25% of all perm secs are women?

Rights such as maternity leave puts women at a disadvantage. How can we in one hand say equal opportunity and on the other hand say give me 4 months leave. It’s uneven playing field for men!! It’s not fair for the men who slog 18 hour days for that promotion and to be sidelined because we must help women?

Aiyo, if you want the job — work for it. By the way, of the 3 telco coys, 2 are women CEO.



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