Singapore can be crippled by a war – social media war

I feel that Singapore can be crippled by a war – social media war. We don’t even know who are the people operating the many Temasek sites overseas, maybe they are NOT even Singaporean but another nation trying to destabilize Singapore.

Now there’s even Temasek Times which are spreading anti-govt news. And all the Temasek entities (Temasek Review, Emeritus, Times) say they are not related. Their strategy of different entities is to broadcast @ different level so they can control their creditability (sharing non-credible articles on sites with most followers, and say they are not related, but actually from the same editors).

The government should seriously look into this, perhaps all such websites must have someone accountable, however must still allow freedom of speech. Then, if false accusation, fabrications, out-of-context, etc, we can hold someone accountable (eg Richard Wan), else government will block such overseas websites.

If not, we will soon have a very disconnected and destabilized nation which could perhaps be another country’s strategy without going through a real war but won through a cyber-war

by FL

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But what do u think will be the reaction of the public to block overseas site IP if they refuse to comply on accountability? Just like in any media print, there is a chef editor who can be held accountable. Its ok to report negative news and allow free discussions, but to fabricate is certainly not healthy. Will there be a big uproar if such IP are banned for those stealth sites?


The world is caught up with this explosion of venues in cyberworld and everywhere we can see the dynamic tussles which are still being played out. Almost parallel to the turmoils affecting the financial arena, the communication platforms are being redefined worldwide.
How they will elvove and what new rules and guidelines will be produced to “curb”,”guide” or “morderate” the new beasts are still uncertain.
IMHO, anonymity delivers the treasured prize of privacy.
However, abuses of ANONYMITY, can be outrageously harmful and without accountability. Where to strike the balance, especially in context of universal norms and local conditions. The answers are still out there.


The Arab Spring also arise from the internet..and the mess they are still in is still because of it




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