Saviors of the woes ?

Spore is a crowd place, and the pressures of daily lives are real.

Those feeling the heats are especially those who are at the bottom to lower middle levels of the economic ladders.

As the country moves ahead in the global environment, these groups will have to have provisions to assist them cope with combination of housing, education, and daily essentials of transports, utilities, food and medical services.

Their problems will be constant, dynamic and definitely perpetual in nature.

Many are claiming they are the saviours of woes, many would like to seek popularity in their “battles” for the less fortunate.

Many are also claiming to be or to represent the lower to lower middle stratus of the economic ladders. Dont be fooled……

Your best bets are to :

  1.  work with the relevant authorities calmly and sensibly.
    Seek them out and work sensibly with them with your unique set of
    problems and priorities.
  2. Seek our the genuine civil societies and NGOs who are genuinely working
    with short-term and long-term prospectives to arrive at solutions for the
    society as a whole.
  3. Use the pressures from these genuine civil societies and NGO’s to “pressure”
    and press the relevant authorities to provide solutions and initiate policies
    to move towards right directions.
  4. Move from individual problems to group problems, seeking and exploring
    ways to genuinely resolve them.

As much as possible, don’t get sucked into emotional “rain-dances” of political agendi…..either by political parties, media warriors from the likes of TR, TRE, TOC, etc.

They are not there to resolve your problems either in the first place or as their top priorities.


by  TTH  


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