Autism Awareness by Denise Phua Lay Peng

Dear friends, pls SHARE this with folks who care for the AUTISM community. I write this as a full-time volunteer who serves in the sector daily. Recently I read an appeal for signatures to Government for more services for persons with autism especially for the adult space. Indeed this space needs attention, as the authorities have heeded and done much more for the younger ones in recent years.

However, it would be good to be updated first on what’s happening on the ground, then make an informed appeal if that’s the way to go. I urge you to find out more first so together we can be effective in advocating not for those with autism but other special-needs folks who similarly need support.

Apologies for insufficient updates. Things happen so fast and there is just so much to do on the ground. Those of us serving the kids and adults directly need help from passionate writers-communicators who can help give regular updates on the landscape to interested parties.

The landscape changes rather rapidly these days. 

For example, an autism Employability and Employment Centre will be officially launched soon. There is plan for another (Eden) Day Activity Centre by AAS. Both receive or will receive subsidy support from the relevant agencies.

Honestly, the bottleneck to services is not simply lack of voice or simply money – speed is hampered by lack of enough skilled manpower who wants to work in our sector, esp for our more severe special ones.

Friends of Autism, come get an updated “state of the union” progress report from the several autism charities in Singapore on 31 March 2012. (ARC, AAS, St Andrews, Rainbow).

More details will be shared by the organising committee in mid-March.

World Autism Awareness Day 1 April is coming up. Some exciting things happening with the help of some really kind n diligent young people from NTU and NUS-Duke Medical School.

Need your partnership to further brighten the future of our special ones.

Have a great day all! Off to writing my budget speeches now.

  Denise Phua Lay Peng


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