How a First World Parliament dealt with copycat plagiarism – by Alps Tan

Germany’s Defence Minister, Pritam Singh and Chen Show Mao

Chen Show Mao recently copied almost wholesale from an article by Donald Low. Donald had given permission, but that wasn’t the point. Because even Wikipedia recommends giving credit in such situations.

Then Pritam Singh also copied pieces of an article for his ombudsman speech in Parliament.

Is this just a storm in a teacup? Or is it a serious matter?

In early 2011, German Defence Minister Guttenberg was found to have copied large parts of text for his 2006 university doctorate thesis. There was public outcry. Guttenberg resigned.


Imagine that, a Defence Minister resigning because of plagiarism!

This is what happened in Germany, a First World Parliament.

What is the Worker’s Party view on plagiarism? Will Pritam Singh and Chen Show Mao resign? Or do they think Germany is not First World enough? Well, from WP’s silence over so many issues, don’t hold your breath waiting for them to answer these questions.

(Enclosed – graphic from Wall Street Journal showing the plagiarism by German Defence Minister. Haven’t we seen this kind of copycat work somewhere else?)



by Alps Tan  :


Wikipedia Link :



One response to this post.

  1. Copying wholesale some other’s writing without crediting the author, beside being unethical, also bring to question the perpetrator’s sincerity for the subject at hand.

    I am rather flabbergasted that there were no attempt to at least rephrase/reconstruct or re-represent the article in a show of dedication and due diligence as would be expected of Mr. Pritam by his ward. In this light, how then can we believe that he actually have his heart in the task he has been delegated to do?


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