Time for an Ombudsman ?


WP has always been prompt to release their MP’s speech on the same day of parliament.

But the speech by Pritam Singh on 1 March 2012 is only released on 7 March 2012.

In particular, this speech “COS 2012 Debates: PMO – Ombudsman”
(Link http://wp.sg/2012/03/cos-2012-debates-pmo-ombudsman/ ) included a credit at the end:

Quote: (Pritam would like to thank a Singaporean blogger and expert for granting permission to use his analysis in the filing of this cut.)

So which Singaporean blogger and expert, one might ask? The said blogger is the GroundNotes blog:


On comparing Pritam’s speech and Groundnotes’ blog, it become glaring clear that the expert did not only provided his analysis, Pritam has lifted entire passagse and paragraphs from GroundNotes to be presented in Parliament as his own.

It is also to be noted that DPM Teo remarked on Pritam’s speech in parliament:
“I was doing some background research on the subject and I was struck by how remarkably similar Mr Pritam Singh’s speech is to a 23 September 2008 article on the Internet called “Time for an Ombudsman in Singapore”. Almost word for word.”

But there was no response from Pritam. He did not rise to clarify at that point that his speech is a copy of a blog. One do wonder, why is there a 6 days delay on releasing his speech.


So how much of a expert is this blogger, Groundnotes? Here are a couple of Groundnotes’ “expertise”:

1) GroundNotes refer to National Day Parade as “National GAY Parade”

2) GroundNotes on Singapore:
“”Singapore, that freak of colonial invention, is a political bastard yearning for civilizational parentage and we look to the closest civilization and imagine ourselves echoing in the great kingdoms. Our romance with monarchies is not yet dead.””


by JC


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