Chen Show Mao’ Social Norms For Sharing Online

Comments : 

  • CSM is trying to create a diversion by asking “Was that a sensible way to share online what others have shared with us?”
    The question is about his integrity and honesty and not whether what he did is sensible or not. Even when someone has given him permission to use his ideas and views without the need for attribution, is it honest of CSM to give the reader the impression that the ideas and views were his when he clearly knew they were not?


  • The thing is, most of us, if not everyone, even when we quote someone’s view, we will put in as quote/unquote, ” ” or [ ] , that’s just basic etiquette. To not to do that is to give the readers an impression that the words are our very own, which of course, is being dishonest.
    But i must say that CSM is honest for not apologising that he has forgotten to put the quot and instead kinda insist that he did not do any wrong. 


  • Honestly i really cannot believe how these people make judgement. People are praising CSM that he is right to share these views by others?????? Have they lose their sense of logic?
    I have to quote Thomas Paine “To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead” CSM PLEASE REMEMBER TO QUOTE WHAT OTHERS SAY!!!!!


  • Question is whether CSM,PS and the rest are going to spend in the next 4 yrs of parliament sittings by copying other people views and notes that are critical of the government instead of expounding their own views and ideas…
    If that’s the case they might just as well sit back at home and browse the internet and email these complaints to PM Office.And what if the PAP MPs too decided to simply copy just notes that praise the Government, from citizens, from world leaders, from expert economists…First World Parliament or First Word Parliament?


  • Even after it was exposed that the ideas were clearly not his but came from Donald Low, we still get comments like this:
    XXX  :  Sir, thank you for sharing your views and insights on economics.

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