If you stand amidst success, you are viewed as part of it

I had coffee with a friend of mine at the Marina Bay Financial Centre just yesterday and honestly speaking, I am indeed awed by the magnificent buildings in this new area.

Though I’ll never be able to buy a unit at The Sail or work in one of those fabulous offices, I must congratulate the planners’ foresight when they decided to literally “create” land out from the sea just to maintain Singapore’s pre-eminence as a financial hub in this part of the world, and 1 of top financial centres in the world. Without people of such vision, Singapore will definitely not be where it is today.

I honestly cannot phantom why are there so many naysayers out there criticizing what we have today and put the blame squarely on the government.

To those visionaries, well done and keep up the good work!!!!

One last thing, The Gardens At the Bay will be a spectacular sight to behold. Can’t wait for it to be completed!!!

Comments :

  •  Most ppl don understand that if you stand amidst success, you are viewed as part of it and will regard you with respect, not necessary that we may not deserve it!
    That, is what we enjoy every time we travel … we r treated well with the presentation of our passport almost every where on planet Earth! 


  • “why are there so many naysayers out there criticizing what we have today and put the blame squarely on the government”
    has indeed puzzled not only the government, I am  puzzled too.
    One of my best guesses is this, now people are encouraged or motivated to speak up, instead of just speak up, they go a few steps more, become noise, complain or worst cynical.
    The other best guess is that i think people don’t relate all the facilities that government has provided for people as anything to do with election .. that’s the scary part,
    I don’t know if they are thinking the success of Singapore has been contributed by the opposition people? are they the government or PAP the government? are they confused? or perhaps, the potential nightmare of all is Singaporeans are so confident that opposition like WP will be a better government than PAP.


  • The opening up of new media is also very new to a lot of people. So their comments are sometimes naive and even outright rude. If we were to probe deeper directly at them, I’m sure most of them won’t have a proper answer to their comments.
    Secondly, I agree that we should have access to more information from the government regarding policies and other things. For now, what I see are individuals who doesn’t have much information or understanding of the issues. They therefore form their own shallow opinions and start firing away. Furthermore the idea of supporting the opposition sounds more exciting than just agreeing with the government. 

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