Mr Chen Show Mao and his “me”, “I” & “mine” – The Real Thing Is…… says

Excerpts :

To be fair to Mr Chen Show Mao, especially considering he is the STAR of Workers’ Party. how can I not accord Mr Chen the attention that he too, very much deserves, just like the one I had given to his honourable colleague, Mr Pritam Singh.

After reading comments and news re Mr Chen’s alleged plagiarism, I gather that not many have read Mr Donald Low’s original article, especially now that he has closed his FB account.

So for the sake of comparison, I have posted here, Mr Donald’s original paper. After putting the two side by side, I have marked out the differences (in red) and what were the changes before the article finds its way to Mr Chen’s FB note.( Luckily there are not many differences else this page will be very messy.)


the link to the full article :


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