Notion of Beauty

Beauty, or notion of beauty is really subjective and is extremely hard to critic.

Beauty is an informed experience for every individual, whose life journey influences his/her interpretation of this elusive subject. What appears attractive to one could well be an abomination to another from a totally different cultural and social background.

Form and function also contribute to some individual’s interpretation of beauty. Generally, human eyes take well to proportion, ratio and all suggestion of movement in fixed objects or suggestion of stability in moving objects. These are informed choices we make unconsciously due to, in no small way, our experience. Therefore it goes to reason that the artist or creator of artistic objects will produce pieces of work that betrays his or their collective experience, which may or may not coincide with the viewers’ experience, thereby causing rejection and alternative readings of the object, and in trying to identify and make sense of it, will liken it to something they are familiar with ie UFO,monster hands etc.

This is natural and personal and not incorrect. In artist speak, the accepted norm for description of work of art that are in compliance with visual, historical, social, cultural, and psychological considerations but not quite to our personal interpretation of which, are respectively termed as “successful” … with due appreciation and respect of the artist conscientious and arduously studied input.

So all the architecture in and around our beloved country has earned its keep and are rather “successful works of art.” Thank you very much 🙂

by SL


Comments :

  • a lot of people think that they cannot appreciate art but when you look at a painting and you start asking yourself “what is the artist trying to say? shouldn’t he use green instead of blue…”, you are already evaluating/appreciating the art..
  • you are right,  except the dialogue was directed inwards to yourself. It would be a more rewarding experience if the dialogue is with the painting… this happens when you allow the painting to tell you what it has to say and why it is blue instead of green. It is standing naked in front of you and have no apologies to offer for its existence…we study and appreciate it for its presence and what it is representing we give it autonomy to be itself , and in the process, learn to accept life as it is presented to us 🙂
  • “..learn to accept life as it is presented to us.”,  that is beautiful. A good reminder on days when there are more uphill climbs than usual.  Thank you for that and the lesson in Art. Beautifully put.

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