Oh By the way Elections…

Aljunied MP and leader of the Workers Party Low Thia Khiang must be walking with a smirk on his face nowadays. He and his party had got what they wanted…a By Election for Hougang SMC. After all he had won the battle for the Constituitional Rights for the Hougang residents.

Madam Vellam D/O Marie Muthu must be delighted too. She had filed an affidavit for her rights to have an MP for her constituency.

And so are all those Oppositions, anti PAP die-hard fans, die-die fans…PAP bashing days are back again..!!!

Nice to know there is still a cause of celebrations somewhere in ‘awful’ Singapore.

But then you just can’t help wondering…I mean what does this by election really mean other than getting another 15K per month MP, other than Constituitional Rights and all that…

The last GE was deemed as a watershed event..the beginning of the so-called New Order. Well I am fine with that. I mean I like Order rather then Disorder.

The PAP promised an inclusive policy as an atonement for their ‘mistakes’.

The WP being the only Oppositions representative party promised a First World Parliament whatever that means.

The PAP starts their approached post GE by getting their pay cut. Then present a Budget that’s supposed to be inclusive for every strata of the society

The WP starts by giving Singapore it’s First Political Sex Scandal, sacked their MP (a First as well)…and proceed to cry for By Election as Constituitional Rights.

And so a By Election it will be…the date however is subject to further notice after careful considerations by the PM.

WP and it’s band of supporters will be rubbing their hands gleefully…a thrashing is on the cards.

PAP will dread this event. On all accounts they will start this as the underdog…but ooops..nowadays you can’t mention the word dog without facing the wrath of the netizens. To think that dogs are supposed to be man’s best friend..obviously not the breed that notorious PRC boy was referring too I guess. What species was he referring too anyway..Singsation?

Talking about the netizens..we are having a very intereting cyberscape now…on the Oppositon socio blog, we have TR and it’s illegitimate offsprings (TR vehemently denied they are theirs), TOC, Publichouse, Yahoosg and a host of others against the lonely Fab. Of PAP.

I am sure come the nomination date, the avalanche of hostilities will be triggered all over again.

Exactly what will Hougang residents gain from all this other than getting a new MP, which is their constituitional rights?..Well I guess life goes on as per normal once the dusts settled down..

And for Madam Vellu..you know it kind of fascinates me her situation. How long has she been a Hougang resident? How long she has been having her problems. Hadn’t Low during his tenure or Yaw in his short stint as an MP managed to help her before? So this new incoming MP will be carrying her torch for her to go through this journey of life…Funny though all her problems will be solved at some staged by a Ministry or other groups that belongs to the Government which is in fact PAP.

And all the WP MPs need to do (if indeed they are elected again) is just copy a standard draft letter and submit to all the relevant ministry to assist her. But then copying is not something new for them I guess.

And so cheers to the forthcoming By Elections…May the best man win…and err …dogs please step aside.



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