MM Lee Kuan Yew’s psyche

I firstly would like to urge the reassessment of the thought that the past decade or so, Singapore was run as an Enterprise with scant regard for social cost, and lately successfully transferred social cost back to the country.

Singapore was run as an enterprise with social cost and other inherent cost (edu., defense, comm.,transport, dev.,etc) as fixed overheads, and as thriftily managed as possible. At this juncture, I must bring in one important fact that must be added to the equation – Lee Kuan Yew’s psyche.

He is by nature, very thrifty (maybe so he’s Hakka, renown for their stingy ways) and the other key is his obsession with the “self sufficient” attitude. So overheads must be controlled and the populace must learn thrift and be self sufficient. Savings is of paramount importance, in fact a major key in his social policy from day one!

It is easy to see his line of thoughts if you constantly have this few parameters in your mind as you view all his policy till today, and it is still true right down to our procurement of arms since SAF/RSAF was started -buy 2nd hand, redesign,rebuilt until it is counterproductive to carry on.

The problem starts with the post baby boomers. The difference between them and my generation is they have rich parents, we didn’t! Therefore this theory of self help and self sufficiency plus saving $ kind of dictum lost its meaning, throwing the whole equation asunder. In trying to make sense of it, speculation and new theories surfaced, propagated and became “truth”.

My rendition of SG’s past might be viewed as the word suggested, a rendition and nothing more, nevertheless, I am sharing my two cents worth as a person (who lived through his time, disagreed, distrusted and very often thought I am much smarter then he),sharing my sentiments with all who care to listen.

by SL 

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