Outsource the Whole Parliament or Government ?

That in actual fact is the root of the problems. Young executive or civil servants eager to show that they are capable start coming up with schemes like this “outsource”. And of course it makes sense to the bottom line! Transferring bulk of the cost to outside operators. But this in turn forces operators to cut their margins, pay less salary to workers, get foreign workers to fill the jobs.

Then the same civil servant come around accusing why businessman pays their workers so low?

It’s a vicious cycle. And unless the government recognises and embraces that part of the cost of “operating a country” requires running into the red.

The obsession to balance a budget became the key driving factor in the way government view issue. Though I do not like WP but Chen Show Mao raise a correct point when he said government cannot view social cost as a burden to the country.

In short, the PAP government had successfully transferred the social cost of running a country back to the people, eg health cost etc.

So now the same people conveniently neglected by the government now “wiser” because of what happen, suggest that since bottom line is the means to run a country, might as well outsource the whole parliament or government! Logically, I think they are right. Because sadly that’s how the government viewed the people – ie economics figures that stimulate or stagnant the country. In parts, it cannot be helped because of the unique position Singapore is in, but PAP government totally almost for the last decades or so, had already threw social cost out of the budget until recently.

We have arrived as an economy but I doubt we have arrived as a country. Like most Singaporean, I would die for my country if required, but I die is my business, so are my medical cost, my after-taking cost etc etc.

Let’s not look at every criticism at the PAP government must be from Ignorant fools. There are in fact very valid cries. Because if the PAP government is so obsess with cost cutting and balancing budget and in consistent to their trait, they should “outsource” themselves for cheaper, better, faster bureaucrats.

In this instance my prayer would be “Father, forgive them for they know not what they are doing”.

In the whole scheme of events, I can understand why and what the PAP do to “safeguard” the country just as I know that are social consequences resulting from such callous decision like “outsource” – an embittered citizen.

I love you Singapore but I sincerely doubt and believe you even know my existence only if I pay high taxes.

by WH

Comments :

  • If running a country is like running a company, profit margin must be say 40%, why don’t we have a profit margin of 30% and give out 10% more to the employees/citizens ?
  • I personally do not think its healthy to hand out “profits” in any kinds to citizens. I believe in re-investing into social cost. Cost that would most probably have no effects on the economic figures. If I’m government I would look at :
    >  Ways to better the health care and insurance scheme.
    > Ways citizens can enjoy direct subsidies like education
    > Ways that a citizen can rest assured that if they are old/sick/disabled the country is there for them.
    And lastly running a country is not running a corporation. It devoid the government the need to “feel” for the people.
  •  I agree with this writer.
    But I am also certain this government is moving in that direction. Slowly but surely. The keyword is sustainability. Not just sustainable over 1 term of the government, but for generations. Sustainable within our means, instead of borrowing and incurring debt for the future generation.A part of our annual budget is generated from the dividend racked up from our reserve. I see this as the sustainable way to achieve the social safety nets for generations.By ensuring there are budget surplus to put into our nest egg (the reserve), and careful investment to ensure the reserves continue to generate healthy and higher returns for the budget, we can have more resources to spend on better social causes.
  • ‎<In short, the PAP government had successfully transferred the social cost of running a country back to the people, eg health cost etc. >This is part of being resilient, to depend on oneself as much as possible, though.
  • Maybe I’m an idealist but my own vision of a truly people-centric government is one that cheer her children on, pushes them to their furthest! Yet if all else fails, her bosom is always there waiting for her children to cry upon…. Just me…
  • WP outsource Ah Mao to help them win given that he has not lived here for so long. Maybe we should outsource WP to someone who at least can get stuff right once in awhile.
  • As much as I would be branded a “dog” by some netizens, PAP did many things right, maybe more rights than wrong. But as the population grows wiser (but maybe not wise) their demand of equal say and civil servants being literally subservient to the citizens, began to show their ugly horns. This is where any politicians would have problems doing balancing acts. Now policies would be weighted against populist demands and long term sustainability. This is I believe one of the most difficult balancing act. Too much of either sides, PAP risk losing it all again.If only the population truly wise up and stop throwing up monkeys in oppositions and maybe give PAP a second look, then perhaps we would have a viable opposition or government-in-waiting at the same time, the standing government eagerly to serve the people. That would be truly a singapore win.
  • Frankly ,the incumbent government has been signaled with the wake up call from the aftermaths of May 2011 , the ‘balancing act’ with the focus of ‘long term sustainability’, bode well to rejuvenate & resurrect PAP in the years ahead for Singapore.IF PAP don’t fumble with serious problems and consciously work towards the betterment of the people , it will still remains a nation govern well by the PAP…

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