“Healthcare is not a commodity…. SDP” by SINGAPORE M.D. (blog)

“But that’s not the way things should be. Healthcare is not a commodity. It is a right.” – Singapore Democrats


If healthcare is not a commodity, I wonder what I am (and for that matter what SDP’s “team of medical doctors” are) being paid for doing every day.

It is very easy for wannabe politicians to label every need as a right and champion the people’s right. What is not addressed upfront is whose obligation it then becomes to provide for that right.

Healthcare is not something that you can simply harvest or dig out from the ground like natural resources. It *is* a commodity provided by healthcare workers, pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment manufacturers, as well as the people who fund and run hospitals and clinics.

When someone says that healthcare is not a commodity but a right, he can mean two things:

1. That he thinks he has a right to the property and labour of those people who provide healthcare


2. That he thinks that he has a right to having someone else pay for his consumption of healthcare.

If you believe that a man’s need entitles him to other people’s property and labour or money to pay for the same, then why stop at healthcare? As I stated before (and will no doubt have to again in the future), healthcare is the ‘wedge argument’ for welfarism; if today they can claim that they are entitled to the commodity provided by the healthcare workers (or having other pay for their healthcare consumption), then tomorrow they can claim the same for that produced by those who provide food, water, clothing and shelter.

SDP is acting coy about what their self-proclaimed “landmark publication” of a “National Healthcare Plan” will entail, but I will hazard a guess that it involves the government picking up more of the tab than it already is, and that the amount of money required to fund this should come from taxing the rich even more than they are being taxed now.

Let’s see if I will be proven wrong…

Source : http://singaporemd.blogspot.com/2012/03/healthcare-is-not-commodity.html


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