Helicopter View on Bukit Brown

The most important & difficult task of being a responsible government is to provide for the people, not just the current generation but the future generations.

Therein lies the difficult task of managing expectations & making the tough task of implementing policies for the greater good.

One cannot simply approach the Bt Brown issue by itself, the bigger picture here is national development to meet future needs.

If the govt were to suggest Bt Brown be cleared and build a retirement village plus thousands of studio apartments – wouldn’t the NIMBY activists be happy.

HDB got flak for misreading demand leading to a strong backlash from young couples – Bt Brown (on the Police Academy site) is already earmarked for 15,000 flats, if you don’t build there, how to satisfy the people’s desire to live in convenient locations?

If the govt doesn’t build more roads, how are they to even increase car ownership without complaints about the COE & ERP? A little more speed on the roads might seem negligible but the idea is traffic must be allowed to flow.

Just this week, someone wrote in to ST Forum suggesting a single use expressway from the airport to the City to skip the traffic on the PIE & ECP – so all airport traffic starts from the City??

Thus, in conclusion, if we can take a helicopter view, we will appreciate & understand the rationale why certain things have to happen & why no policy pleases everyone.

by DC


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