What should be the “best way” to price a HDB flat ?

  • We can all argue until the cow come home every day and there will not be a outcome what should be the “best way” to price a HDB flat.

    There are many different profile group of buyer interested in Singapore property may it be HDB resale , HDB BTO , private … etc

    Property market is interlinked and HDB to me is both the God and Devil . It is a balancing act for them from day one and will always be . No policy from them will please everyone .

    The question now is “What should be the “best way” to price a HDB flat so that it can yield the “best” political outcome and which profile group should they be targeting ?

  •  I feel that the HDB’s policies should never be formulated with any sort of “political outcome” as a target in the first place. They simply have to go out there, build flats and price them accordingly so that these flats are affordable. If they were to aim for any sort of political outcome, what would that be, and at what cost to the country’s budget?

  •  the best political outcome is for pap to keep existing market pricing policy, give rebates and grants to certain segments of market (ie target market). If hdb were to move to cost price, pap will lose the entire 60%, not to forget, close to 90% have assets in Singapore. if move to cost plus, the entire property market will collapse, it may even affect other parts of the economy.

    Some oppi may say but most people only have 1 property, it doesn’t matter if price goes up or down.. Are u entirely sure of this rhetoric ??

    No one will flaunt their wealth 🙂 mortgages are built on valuations of previous transactions. everything is interlinked. Whichever party who governs Singapore, no one will have the guts to move to cost plus 🙂

    hopefully, the naysayers experience some “benefit” of the asset enhancement policy when their parents pass on and leave them asset(s)

  • people forgot we had property slump from 2000-2005? that time, there were empty btos, but no one wanted to buy. In a free market, prices will not always be up, there will be down times as well. peg to median incomes of Singaporeans,, how many multiples is considered enough? such that it doesn’t affect valuation of existing properties?

     IMHO, I m quite sure the current curb measures will work as hdb is working on supply level, while on the top end curbing demand via policies. U just need to give it time, property is a real thing, not shares, it takes time to see impact. The other thing we have to be mindful, there’s still a lot of liquidity in market, in part cos of US market. 

  •  Before you go around surveying how to keep flats affordable, you need to first define what is affordable?
    Is it a 30 yrs loan with purely CPF monies?
    Or is it, no need for loan at all. >


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