Fact-Free, Blind Faith

It’s Monday and I’m still reading all the interesting articles in the Sunday Times. I hardly miss the sunday papers as they have some very interesting in-depth discussions about currents issues.

Funny how those individuals with so-called injustices to bring up don’t seemed to read more on these articles before they start blabbing online. Especially those from Dr Lee Wei LIng (who happens to be our PM’s sister), her column is brunt and always straight to the point. I find it very enlightening to read from writers like her. Her analysis of people and issues is in my opinion as sharp as that of her father. Those individuals should read more of such articles and see a clearer picture of why some policies are such.

Policies are meant to benefit a majority. The MPs, including the opp, are only trying to extend a helping hand to help those in need. Unfortunately, most are treated like dirt while some are being worshipped like demi Gods.

by wf


  • It dismay me no end to find a number of our MP’s so unjustly denigrated by those who are definitely not in the know. Let such hardened cynics go observe MPS and make the rounds with MP’s before they make any further outrageous comments! Honestly, it’s just the height of presumptuousness and arrogance.


  •  angry teenagers don’t even know what a MPS session is. They slam MPs because their twitter told them to


  • indeed there is a lot of articles that has depth and quality in The Straits Times. It’s very sad whenever I hear people saying that all the articles in ST is propaganda by the government when they don’t even read it. Pure ignorance or plain stupidity?


  • True: many teens have absolutely no idea what MPS is (in fact, most I’ve encountered don’t). That’s why I’ve taken students to MPS from time to time to sit with me and actually witness what goes on. They are inevitably astonished and undergo a paradigm shift in the process – as they are now *informed*


  • It’s a popularity game after all… And the power of simple suggestions to people who can’t be bothered to educate themselves of facts, amazing! Blind faith is a lot easier isn’t it? No need to read, no need of interpretation, no need for reasoning, no need for fact-finding… Sure uses a lot less muscle just lifting a finger and point… Haha


  • I therefore find I must caution my students against ‘fact-free’ writing when doing an assignment! Even some graduating students are still prone to that sort of nonsense. I also enjoy playing ‘devil’s advocate’ with them in our interactive classroom sessions, always making them raise the fundamental question, ‘Why, why, why?’ about everything we discuss. This helps wean them off blind acceptance of some of the absolute nonsense circulating out there!

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