NUS’ official reply to Sun Xu case.

We posed many of your questions on the Sun Xu case to NUS, and this is their reply in full. The main points: Mr Sun will still be able to graduate and has to serve out his 6-year bond. He will have to pay back about $8,200 for the first tranche of this semester’s scholarship benefits. Mr Sun has accepted the university’s decision, will not appeal and apologises unreservedly for his actions.
  • I think majority of Singaporeans will accept the punishment melted to him and leave the incident behind us.
    Of course, there will be some who will deem the punishment as too light. But I am sure the committee who recommend the punishment must have look at the larger picture before coming up with the punishment recommend.
    Let’s put the incident behind us and move on. There are more important thing for us to do.
  • I thought it is a relatively fair and balanced punishment. Hope he learns his lesson.
  • The young man did a silly and hurtful mistake. He has apologised and expressed remorse over his mistake.
    He will have to “clean-up” his mess for that action and for a long time to come to demonstrate his genuine disposition.
    The relevant authority had taken disciplinary actions probably in accordance with their contractual and authoritized limits.
    The emotional hurt and angst of a fair proportion of the public are understandable.
    As a society of the modern era, its time to reflect & moved on..
    Its adviseable not to call for more “blood and gore” to be spilled.
  • A precedent has been set . This is a good move . Kudos to NUS !
    [This is the first time a student has been ordered to perform community service if he or she wants to graduate, said a spokesman for the National University of Singapore (NUS).] – SPH
  • Why so vindictive.. For one stupid comments, I think the guy has suffered enough..move on..:-)

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