Singapore – a country of extreme thinking – Part 2

You say : 

  • I wanted to write a rebuttal to this Singapore mind but I have given up as it would be exhaustive.

    Just to play the devil’s advocate a bit. Power supply is a mean whereby government control the citizens. That’s why instead of paying or not paying for green energy we actually would end up paying more. Google on Tesla coil and the political conspiracy behind would give you a picture of what I meant.

    Though forging influx is by and large a problem of many developing/newly industrial states, Singapore government had taken the quickest road to economic success, ie imports of FTs at the expense or regardless of the expense of the locals. Those scholarships that were almost freely given to foreigners are case at point. In fact I dare say those that were awarded scholarship are not even first class scholars! Because in china, the first and second class scholars would be kept within the country. Those arrived here are three class and below. So are we getting the raw end of the bargain or the short end?

    In rebuttal of this sort, there is also pointless to take them on fact for fact because truth is, the citizens were betrayed in one way or another. What this person “Singapore mind” is expressing is precisely that, an emotion irrational outburst at the government.

    Now what’s important is what are the corrective actions the PAP government have installed in face of such imbalances. Citizens first must no longer be a political rhetoric but a communal reality.

    In essence I believe PAP has the political will and power to turn back the clock but would they?

    I think whether you are a supporter of PAP or not, PAP must be weighted against such changes and the people’s emotion. Don’t bother what the oppositions say if you are indeed serious about Singapore. Bothers with what PAP IS DOING.

    Pointless defending a party if they are not what you think they are. Because the hard facts are for far too many years citizens are relegated as economic numbers not human. That’s why 2 is enough and MRT not packed to capacity came from.

    As much as I’m angry, I empathised with what they meant to say via Singapore mind – Singapore is indeed a country of extremes whereby numbers and not human that speak.


  • 1. We have lowest unemployment in the world
    2. We have 3rd highest GDP per capita in the world.
    3. We are top 10 least corrupt nation in the world
    4. We are top 10 safest nation in the world
    5. We have the highest home ownership in the world
    6. The entire Spore is in the top 1% of the world income. There is no poverty as defined by World Bank.
    7. We have the top 5 education system in the world.
    8. Our healthcare is one of the best in the world
    9. We have one of the lowest taxes in the world.
    10. We are the top 5 in savings in the world.


  • Basically he (Singapore Mind)  just picks 1 sentence from the articles, piece them together and lo and behold, Singapore is a miserable place to be. I just wonder why is he still living here if Singapore is such a hell hole? Or maybe he/she is a foreigner trying to sow discord among us. If that’s the case, the fella is just another wise crack who isn’t even fit to put those statements in text.


  •  I took a long hard look at Singapore’s reclamation projects, deep sewage tunnel, land fill, sea fill projects etc. and i learn they are not build just for this generation, it is for the next hundred years for our grand and great grand children… they will not see the struggle we now face to finish the projects when they stroll easy on grounds like how we stroll our present Beach Road which used to be a sea-side… likewise, unpopular policies which now can even resembles a betrayal (I’m also thinking who in their right mind would consciously sabotage their own nest) to current citizens, would one day hopefully benefit our future descendants… so we can proudly claim we took one for them, we struggled in fear and uncertainty but we made it… and teach them with our example that no wealth, dynasty or nation can last eternally without hard work and bravery.


  • If you’re a hammer, all you see are nails. The eyes will see what the mind wants it to think. Try this, I’m going to infect your mind with this statement – “don’t you think there are a lot of Mercedes and BMWs in Singapore? Go out and take a look!”


  • If there are, I’m happy because it shows Singaporeans and the people living/working here (may be local, may be foreigner) are doing well because of Singapore’s good policies.

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