Tan Jee Say is just not qualified to speak for a citizen like myself.

Tan Jee Say deserved to be laughed at for his egoistic demeanour which are full of BS. He has constantly shown his scorns and negativities.

For the declared intention of unifying Singaporeans, his demeanour and manners in contributing to this issue  is definitely betraying his true forms.

If Tan Jee Say had won over the trust of people thru election, whether in constituent or national polls, perhaps then he can have greater credentials to speak the people or country. He has neither.

IMHO, he is just not qualified to speak for a citizen like myself.
And its my right to express my rejection of him speaking on behalf of  Singaporeans.

He has however the right to dream and imagine that he is speaking for Singaporeans. I suspect many like myself wont buy into it.

by th


You say

  • Opportunists will always be opportunists and he is mother of all opportunists. Hope people are more discerning.
  • Tan Jee Say not only his ego is sky-high but his attitudes is very arrogant too.Singaporean are not stupid they can see him right through his body language.
  • Looking back at Tan Jee Say’s performance in the last PE, it seems there are quite a number of fools still in Singapore who bought into his brand of nonsense. That is a scary thought.
  • There will always be the risk where populist sentiments set the tone for future governance… If that ever happens, prudence and long-term planning will run out the door of Singapore to escape the pressures of short-term populist measures. -.-

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