The basic decency of respect for other fellow human brings is simply not here.

(Nicole’s running mate Abdul Salim wants to use ‘insecticides’ to get rid of PRC ‘locust’)

  • This is the kind of people that National Solidarity Party wanted to bring into parliament.I remember Abdul Salim also proudly reporting on FB that he deliberately stomped on a lady’s feet during an encounter boarding a MRT train.

    by Bryan Ti

  • Ex wp n nsp member. A racist and extremist. He insulted my grandparents. N he is an adult who want to be in parliament, not a teenager . No excuse.
  • we have different sets of rules for foreigners and locals. We can get away with racist, xenophobic comments while we eagerly burn the foreigners who say the same at the stake. LOL. How ironic.
  • The opposition parties should really think carefully before they say such things against foreign talents or immigrants. Didn’t our forefathers left their hometown to come to Singapore to make a living & decide to settle down here with their families? Didn’t we learn about this when we study Social Studies or Singapore History in Schools & what we have been celebrating during National Day? I hope that they didn’t throw back whatever they learned to their teachers or they celebrate National Day for nothing!!!
  • Whenever I hear people scolding foreigners, I wonder if they realise that they are actually scolding their grandparents as well? It is a fact that most of our grandparents were not original citizens in Singapore. They took the risk during their time to come to Singapore and make a living. Our grandparents were foreigners to Singapore as well.
  • Whether the ancestry matters or not, the basic decency of respect for other fellow human brings is simply not there.This is sick!
  • With all due respect, he doesn’t have the intellect or emotional maturity to be an MP.

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ST Woman fined for spraying insecticide at neighbour’s child


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  1. Reblogged this on Anything & Whatever and commented:
    Mine mine, just look at the kind of people who were vying for a place in our Parliament.


  2. Posted by Benny Boo on March 31, 2012 at 7:44 am

    Such numbskull is fit for the trash bin outside parliament house at best.


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