Why these youngsters, TOC’ editors, feel they’re doing the right thing ?

The Young editors of TOC

  • I believe there are many reasons why these youngsters feel they’re doing the right thing.1. They grew up in a safe, sheltered & well provided for environment.
    2. When everything works, it’s easy to point out even the minutest flaw.
    3. They were forced to read The Straits Times in school & the endless pages of news that
    don’t impress them literally turns them off MSM.
    4. They find acceptance & share similar feelings of angst & unhappiness online & among
    5. Their first attempt at seriously reading current affairs is thru TOC, Temasek Times, etc.Therefore, having known nothing of the world & Singapore previously, they now accept & embrace the “true news” found in easy to read, “thought-provoking” websites & thru mindless sharing on facebook.

    We shouldn’t dismiss them as plain Oppies, they think that way because most people don’t give a damn about politics so when they see news that resonate with that little space in their heads, they generally accept as correct & thus will add their opposing voices.

    It is a difficult task to change their perception if they do not open themselves to research & to seek the truth. Parents & course instructors always repeat that they have to ‘continually drilled into their heads’ to get the point across, that’s the best we can do.

    Hard to say for sure but moving forward, we are bound to see more of such people in the future.

  • If they seriously, truly, but bloody mistakenly believed they were pursuing the right cause, then I applaud their enthusiasm and passion, though I can’t say I admire their smarts. We need enthusiastic and passionate people like them, young and energetic. We just have to convince them to aim at the right target. But if they thought it was just a game, and they were doing it merely to look trendy, counter-culture, different, whatever-youths-think-is-cool, then I’ll cry for Singapore, because at the end of the day, it just goes to show our youths are just a bunch of selfish and individualistic people not the least concerned with the country’s well-being but only their own popularity.
  •  Misguided? Rebelling against the cause? The alternative stance? Anti-mainstream? Or just selective ignorance? Just as they label others, they too will be subject to scrutiny.
  • They claim to be a community of Singaporeans. I beg to differ. Singaporeans they may be, but where lies their patriotism?
  • Maybe, their sense of patriotism means being anti-establishment. Interpretations can always be warped to fit the various views of an individual.
  • They are simply anti-establishment and oppose for the sake of opposing. I seriously doubt that they have any major hatred or cause to take against the government. Put simply, they are in for the fun of opposing the standard law & order.
  • Many of them look very young. Mid-20s maybe. They have a whole lot of years ahead of them, unlike me. If they screw up this country, they have many more years than me to suffer for it.

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