Mdm Vellama’s primary motivation or concern…

“On March 2, Madam Vellama filed an application, which asked the court to declare that the PM did not have ‘unfettered discretion’ in deciding whether and when to call a by-election. It also asked for the court to issue a mandatory order for him to do so within three months or a ‘reasonable time’.

In her affidavit, she indicated she wanted to have an elected representative of her choice in Parliament so she could get help on issues such as financial struggles.” – ST

…if Mdm Vellama Marie Muthu’s primary motivation is to seek help on ‘issues such as (her) financial struggles’, someone should advise her to turn to Desmond Choo instead.

It has been reported that more residents have been turning up at Desmond’s ‘Coffee Session’ at Hougang Community Club since YSL’s sacking.

But of course, this might not be Mdm Vellama’s primary motivation or concern 🙂

by  Bryan Ti


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