TOC’s ‘core-team members cannot be part of any political party’.

….and the new Chief Editor of theonlinecitizen speaketh. Confusedly.

On his FB wall, Kumaran Pillai seemed to imply that there is no conflict-of-interest (COI) between his new role as TOC CE and his SDP membership.

That was until the previous CE, Ravi Philemon, reminded him that TOC’s ‘core-team members (cannot) be part of any political party’.

It was only then that KP admitted that he had quit SDP.

If he has already left SDP in the first place, then why did he not state it upfront, clearly and proudly, and had to resort to beating around the mulberry bush about conflict-of-interest which would no longer arises if he had quit the party.

I certainly hope KP’s editorial skill and clarity of mind is much higher than was exemplified by the way he does simple FB posts about himself or where he stands, politically.

by   Bryan Ti

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