PM Lee worried about 2 disturbing trends in Singapore

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Wednesday identified two societal trends that worries him: A ‘self-centred’ Not-In-My-Backyard syndrome that has been increasingly seen among some vocal Singaporeans, and what appears to be a growing gap between Singaporeans and new immigrants.

In an interview at the end of the 20th Asean Summit in Phnom Penh, he raised his concerns about these two trends, and cited the example of angry reactions to Chinese student Sun Xu who has apologised for derogatory comments about Singaporeans.

While he acknowledged that the student’s remarks were uncalled for, he urged Singaporeans to maintain ‘a certain balance and not get worked up every time someone misspeaks’.

Said Mr Lee: ‘He shouldn’t have made that blog post. He did. He has been chastised, he has been disciplined, he has expressed his contrition, he’s sorry about it. We should have been able to move on from that and deal with it as one person who misspoke. We should not, because of one incident, make that into an issue, (to say) all immigrants are like that.’

 You Say : 
  • I kind of pity Sun Xun, although he acted like an idiot. He’s young and impulsive. He’s no different from those oppo supporters who spew crap online. Any of them there or their sons could have been in his shoes. They don’t know how to take the beam out of their own eyes, before taking the splinter out of the foreigners’ eyes.
  • I like the area where he said “we should not because of one incident make that into any issue to say all immigrants are like that..”.. that is very well said.. but of course, those “keep pursuing” the case may have been doing it for political advantage, and i think PM Lee surely knows that….
  •  I’m of the opinion that the younger generation is bored, and easily influenced by the negative comments on the social media. It is our responsibility to spread more positive messages, and also get them off the social media, roll up their sleeves and work for the community.The more they get involved, the better they understand that they can make a difference, and the more they empathise. I’m not for the idea they join PAYM, since the image is a political one. Rather get them involved in other civic groups, such as Rotaract, Leos, and Jaycees….
  • My comment on the 2 key trends… :
    Singapore has come a long way and is better off in many measures mainly due to prudence and long-term strategic visions and actions.
    Those seeking for “short-cut” gratifications with your whining and demands for selfish aspirations would continue to be disappointed.
    Because the majority will be sensible and seek long-term interests for country and future generations.
    Sure, there have been mistakes, or overzealous detours. The test here is are we responding to such mistakes with sound rectifying actions which are prudent and with collective interests as prime? The answer is yes.
    Sure, there will always be some lagging behind. The test here is “are we taking steps to relieve those situations?” Yes we are.
    So wake up whiners, the silent majority would decide for spore thru their votes…”For those using the immigration issues to insidiously whip up emotions for sectional agenda or selfish purpose, you are probably not thinking for the interests of the future generations.
    Besides the tunnel-vision you are displaying is likely to reflect poorly on yourself as a person. ”
    You may not be enlightened by this tough message, and if i have offended I humbly asked for your understanding.

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