“SDP opposing for the sake of opposition.”

The above extract is from a comment made by in an article entitled: “SDP opposing for the sake of opposition.”  “Enduring CheeSJ” was referring to the infamous incident in 2001 when Chee Soon Juan confronted then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong in public. The PM was doing a community walkabout when Chee heckled the PM with a loudhailer, demanding: “Prime Minister, where is the money?” According to “Enduring CheeSJ”, it is “perfectly acceptable” to publicly heckle the PM. The people of Singapore does not seem to agree. Chee Soon Juan’s Singapore Democratic Party won only a meagre 8.1% of the votes in 2001. Ten years later, with Chee still in charge, it won 4.8% of the popular vote. For al its posturing, the SDP under Chee’s leadership has been a washout.

Shared from Singapura Pundit


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