Ugly Singaporean has gown even uglier

You say 

  • That’s honestly the sad part about Singapore. It’s not that service standards have dropped, or that the government is incompetent, or that the public transport system is so pathetic that everything is at a standstill.It’s simply the fact that Singaporeans in general have become such a selfish, ungrateful, rude and self-serving group of individuals who only want things to benefit themselves without consideration for anyone else.
    And people working in the civil and service sector such as teachers, medical staff such as nurses, doctors, SPF etc really get the brunt of the shit from the public.”

  • whenever I see people bringing issues like this up, I always think of how it can be fixed? The only thing I can think of is to make sure we ourselves don’t become people like that.
  • I think the issue goes beyond some inconsiderate people who hog seats on the MRT or who are rude to service staff.Decades of affluence and prosperity have bred generations of Singaporeans who are spoilt, demanding, intolerant, boorish and self-centered.
    They complain about every little thing, have an appalling lack of personal responsibility and a monumental sense of entitlement (“if I need it, the government’s responsibility to provide it to me”); they are xenophobic and really believe they are superior to other nationalities and races.
    The recent opposition to having senior-citizen homes in void decks, the racist and xenophobic comments posted online against foreigners, these all show that the Ugly Singaporean has gown even uglier and more plentiful and we must all challenge this trend.

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