Rats have gotten themselves involved in Singapore politics ?


….either we have a major rat infestation problem in Singapore, or, the rats have gotten themselves involved in Singapore politics.

By Bryan Ti


Sensible  Comment : 

  • 1 of the story is from a resident of Aljunied, the other from a resident of AMK and an ex-editor ( Ravi Philemon) of TOC  famous for his support for “alternative” parties.
  • There are rats and tons of roaches in my area at Boon Lay. Never a night, goes by where i don’t see a roach under my void deck. Plus got plenty of FTs, drunking under void deck and then knockout, next to their half eaten food packets, providing easy food for the roaches and other stary animals. Do i blame the PAP for this???!!!! Get real.But my house has no roaches, cause i keep it clean, but what can i do about the void deck, can’t expect cleaners to standby 24/7 to clean the void deck, whenever ppl make it dirty or shit under void decks( trust me, i seen some PRCs do it, here in boon lay). People have to change their 3rd world habits. Rats and roaches exist because of a few irresponsible people who have no regards for Public well being due to their own selfish uses. The government has tried to educate the ppl before about their social habits, but not all heed the call.

    Pls think, how does rats, exist and multiply. Cut their food supply and it will be done. The trash gets cleared properly in every town council, even if it belongs to the oppostion. Stop feeding the cats, like what Mr Morgan suggested and make sure you dispose yr rubbish carefully. It is among the basic things you can do for yrs and thy neighbour’s wellbeing. The rat population will go down. This is our part to play, not for the government or the opposition.

  •  What to do so many people feeding the stray cats the cats all so fat dont chase after the rats and decimate that population.
    Instead the cats got fat, the rats eating the left overs of the cat make the rat get fat.
    And all of them blame the political parties!!!
    Better complain to the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES la!!!

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