I’m still trying…

I’m still trying…

  • 1. People are more important than things.
  • 2. Tedious work is more tedious if you decide it is.
  • 3. Success comes from believing in yourself, not the other way around.
  • 4. Someone’s expressed opinion is not an accusation of you.
  • 5. Win-win is possible.
  • 6. Changing how you look will not change how you truly feel about yourself.
  • 7. Having more will not make you happy.
  • 8. Love is more important than sex.
  • 9. Other people are not out to get you.
  • 10. Judging others causes you to not believe in yourself.
  • 11. You can say no.
  • 12. Walking away from a fight is usually the best choice.
  • 13. 90% of life consists of just showing up; if you don’t show up you aren’t living.
  • 14. The world doesn’t owe you anything.
  • 15. Some relationships are not worth the effort.
  • 16. Too much [alcohol, speed, food, fashion, etc.] is just too much.
  • 17. Hurt feelings are a choice.
  • 18. It is not wrong to refuse to play by someone else’s rules.
  • 19. It’s not about blame.
  • 20. More communication is better than less, but not always.
  • 21. Good enough is good enough: perfection does not exist.
  • 22. If you assume someone is on your side, they are much more likely to help you.
  • 23. Sharing what you have will make your life better.
  • 24. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness.
  • 25. There is enough to go around.
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