You have to work hard, perform well and go as far as your ability can carry you

You know that the world does not owe Singapore a living and that Singapore does not owe you a living.

You have to work hard, perform well and go as far as your ability can carry you.

Goh Keng Swee in 1979 speaking to University Students.

Contrast to the rhetoric of today’s government eg. All schools equal, no child left behind. And notice if the government said something anything like self-reliance today, the spoilt youngsters will all vote opposition.


People dont realise that in most people countries, non-citizens are treated warmly, in the sense it is good to be a good host.

In First World, they help poor immigrants get into schools, they try to make stay as easy as possible.

The xenophobia in the First World only comes when there is an economic dispute yet you will find on average none of the pettiness of Singaporeans.

So basically it seems Singaporeans will only be pleased if every single non-Singaporean should be having a harder time in every aspect of their stay in Singapore compared to them.

Next thing you know they will be saying, don’t let PRs say the pledge, its a privilege for Singaporeans. They will look at a transport market and say make the PRs pay more, not because it is needed, but because I need to stroke my own insecure ego. And never mind if we ruin our public enterprises with this.

If the opposition supporters love to complain about oppression, then I can only say this:

 The people who hate being ‘oppressed’ the most are the ones who love most to do the oppressing themselves.

Most normal Singaporeans just get by and behave normally unlike them.

by rt



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