Education is essential towards an inclusive society

“When someone else spends time and effort to help when they needn’t do it, the person receiving the help often changes and wants to do well and wants to live up to expectations. Small little acts on the ground, when you add it all up, feeds on itself. It becomes a culture of helping and a culture of responding to help which is extremely important. It’s not all about government schemes, or about redistribution… it’s also about culture.”
…Tharman Shanmugaratnam.

The time is right for change, don’t let this opportunity pass us by, let us cling to it with both hands.

We must acknowledge that education is the key to our children development. Thus we should channel the education system as a mean to incorporate each individual child’s background, to give them self-worth and for them to have pride in who they are.

We must be brave and be truthful towards our history. We must project history as the base of creating THE unifying factor of society.We need to embrace and reconcile to this fact. We must let them embrace the different race, religion and culture by identifying their similarities in principle and ideals rather than identifying them through their differences.

Race history is important for all of us.It is our different background that separate us and by bringing the children together in the classroom, we lay the foundations for a better future for all the children in the country by pioneering technique and approached in how we developed their perceptions and understanding of why the different background exists and why it  does not matter because they are the children of the nation.

By taking up this challenge, we as adults have the responsibility to ensure that we don’t fail our children by denying them the right to gain in all aspects of learning.It is about creating a culture of oneness, a culture of singular identity.This should be where our children education be directed to.

By creating a cognitive and conceptual development in our children’s mind through education, they will be able to have a good approach towards thinking, reasoning and problem-solving skills.And at the same they, and wholly reasonably,  will have good paper qualifications leading to a good job and to a respected place in a wider society.They would want their contribution to society to be welcome and worthwhile, not wasted.

This is how an inclusive society comes to form. Where an approach towards issues will not be hampered because we keep being dragged down by historical baggage that encompass religion, race, culture and even political ideals.

When an inclusive approach is able to reconcile differences, closing up the cracks within the society would be easier, poverty could be well handled as our leaders will always be well-informed of the existing ills within our society.

Our children must be part of society whereby they would be able to say yes to where they are standing rather than spending their life wasted in disagreement. Why make them waste it in opposing due to social unhappiness?

Our present leaders in the Government must be able to balance national policies which is discernible to society AS the best approach to national issues.

Our society in turn must discard the culture of condemnation towards policies because of political affiliations.The well being of the nation must outweigh this notion..

Our opposing leaders in turn must show responsibilities in projecting their ideas and manifesto and not to mislead the people with false concept of the future. In a country like Singapore, power struggle is the least of our priorities. Ensuring stability and progress, to ensure everyone not only survive but prosper is the imperative ideals. This is what an inclusive society is meant to be.

It is the responsibility of the present generation to ensure that the future of our generation will rise above the current prevalent culture that we are in. And it starts with education. At home, at school.


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