Teach online ethics / Unplug ourselves

Teach online ethics

  • ‘AS A media and communication student at the Singapore Polytechnic, I am fully aware of the consequences of my online actions due to a module I covered during the course of my diploma. But this information may not be available to students in other programmes or to those who have yet to reach tertiary level. Hence, I propose that schools teach students the importance of cyber ethics when they are young.’

– Nicholas Teo, 19, is a third-year media and communication student at Singapore Polytechnic.



Status updates — Unplug ourselves

  • ‘THE proliferation of technology and its easy access increase the propensity for a loose thought to just run wild on the spur of the moment.‘Perhaps the first measure is just to stop online chatter and do away with posting remarks off the top of one’s head. This Generation Y reflex action of making off-the-cuff remarks may result in unintentionally offending people.

    ‘I suggest doing away with social media when we do not need it, and seeking out other forms of entertainment that fill our time more productively.’

— Nicholas Lim, 23, is a second-year business student at Nanyang Technological University.


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