New and social media were not deterministic of any results in GE2011

…on my FB Newsfeed favourites listing, they are called ‘Altos’ 🙂

  • New and social media were not deterministic of any results in GE20l1. 

    The campaign in cyberspace can be said to be equivalent to an air campaign in modern warfare. The general rule-of-thumb in modern warfare is that air power can achieve a great deal in softening up the enemy by destroying its high-value targets. However, air power is deemed as generally insufficient to determine the outcome of a war. That outcome would be determined by a ground campaign, i.e., by having substantial numbers of boots on the ground.

    This point seemed to have escaped many who frequent cyberspace and who have overstated its effect, at least insofar as the political milieu of Singapore is concerned. Every day the same group of netizens would appear in the heavily anti-government websites and unleash their criticisms of the PAP. Much of the time these would be one-liners, or hit-and-run attacks. 

    They are equivalent to strike aircraft that three or four weeks earlier had struck and destroyed an enemy troop concentration, or tank column or airfield, and, despite that, every day they would return to hit the same targets that had long been destroyed. 

    They were not advancing the battle one iota. Little, or no, new territory – ie. segments of voters – was liberated by them. 

    Those who spend hours each day in the same anti-government blog or website ultimately get a skewed impression of reality. Five or six thousand kindred spirits essentially saying, on a daily basis, more or less the same thing, gives this virtual community a false sense that many people in the real community – Singapore – happen to share their point of view. It amounts to being substantially detached from reality or essentially living in a parallel universe. 

    As such, many netizens were of the view that it was a simple matter of any opposition party merely having to put up candidates for GE2011 and the vote would miraculously fall onto their lap like manna from heaven.

    The reality is very different.” – Derek de Cunha


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