Are we really ready for the new media ? .

Are we really ready for the new media ? Technically we are. Socially we are. Mental maturity  are we there?  The jury is still out there.

The new-found freedom of expression which the cyberworld have presented is double-edged and can be confusing as evident by the wide arrays of views and opinions on almost any topics under the sun.

I shall focus this matter on the political landscape in Singapore. Yes the alternative media (FBs, Blogs, Twitter, online forums, etc.) have provided more choices as compared to the past when Mainstream Media predominated. Most people should favour this new-found “freedom”. My take on this : Barring crossing the lines of societal acceptability on vulgarity and obscenity, and the legal sensitivities of Racial, Religious and Communal hatred matters, people should have the liberty to have their opinions displayed, discussed and challenged. Differences will always be present. Kept within the abovementioned bounds, tolerance is advocated.

Here no one person or group or groups should  dictate compliance of one way or another. If your views held traction with the audience and prevailed sustainably, kudos to you. To achieve that, you may have to demonstrate your cases with sensibility and credibility over time on our own demeanour and contents, and be prepared to be stress-tested. It is important to reiterate that the official protocols and procedures of Public Offices remain, and that this new-found media is just another extra channel of communication; not a platform to replace the official protocols and procedures… ..

For those with misconceptions…

If you are using this new-found freedom to incite and demand official presentation, i suggest you win public office through official channel first. Your credibility will be severely challenged.

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