Project Hello Stranger volunteers try to bring back the kampung spirit

together we can do more

‘Ambushing’ Commuters for a smile

MOTORISTS and train commuters have recently been ‘ambushed’ by volunteers in a bid to make Singapore a friendlier and happier place.

The volunteers are part of a movement called Project Hello Stranger, co-founded in February by recent Singapore Management University graduates Tham Yining, 23, and Valerie Ong, 22. It banks on guerilla street campaigns and social media to bring smiles to people’s faces.

The pair were inspired to take on a meaningful project as they approached graduation and decided to revive the old kampung spirit of friendliness.

‘Singaporeans are innately nice, it’s just that our fast-paced life has moulded us to be a bit self-protective. As long as we find a way to spark off the niceness, it shows,’ said Ms Ong.

The group, consisting of 20 core members ranging in age from 19 to 27, includes tertiary students, national servicemen and those already…

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