Boycott F&B outlets that hire more than 80% foreigners ?

I think Gilbert Goh is probably just trying to ride on the anti foreigners sentiments in Singapore to gain attention and to stoke emotions against the Government.

And you bet, I am sure glad this guy was not voted into Parliament.

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Gilbert Goh – former NSP member who contested in Tampines GRC GE11 and founder of, is organising a boycott of all local F&B outlets that hire more than 80% of foreigners.

I am just a layman, no expert in the field of employment or economics, but what a no-brainer call that is.

1) The Dependency Ratio Ceiling (DRC) for foreigner workers in the service sector is currently 50% (DRC for service sector will be reduced to 45% w.e.f July 1 2012)

Gilbert Goh is well aware of the DRC as he mentioned in his blog:

“I know that there are many more  outlets out there with some even hiring 100% foreigners  and one suspects that many of the foreigners  working there are permanent residents as the service sector  can only hire 50% work permit holders in it’s workforce.”

First,  Gilbert Goh ”suspects’ that many businesses beat the DRC by employing PRs.

Even IF Gilbert is right…

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