Boycott F&B outlets that hire more than 80% foreigners ? Updates. Hope Gilbert Goh will apologise for misleading everyone

Yahoo! Singapore Newsroom

Hi guys, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this! We’ve reached out to the companies named here and also to the Ministry of Manpower, and we understand that these establishments are compliant with the 50% dependency ratio requirement that is in place, and this in turn will also be cut to 45% in due course. It is possible that the foreign workers Mr Gilbert Goh could have seen previously at these outlets were PRs, who are not counted as foreigners, which could explain his sentiment.

Comments :

  • Yahoo! Singapore Newsroom, you should check first before publicising Gilbert Goh’s untruthful claims about those companies that he had mentioned. Hope Gilbert Goh will apologise for misleading everyone
  • Lol, yahoo sg, shoud u not check these states before u post such untruths? N what makes u think Gilbert”s post is factual? Do u have the stats that PRs consist a huge% of locals employed? As far as I know whenever I m in Macdonald’s it’s mostly singaporeans with Singaporeans accents. Should you not do fact checks before you post n endorse such “news”? Where is your professionalism? PepsiCo, Macdonald”s n the rest of these companies should boycott going business with yahoo n yahoo Singapore.
  • Yahoo Singapore Newsroom, we respect YSN as a reputable corporate, you should not publish information like “boycott action” which …Gilbert Goh initiated. You are deemed to be media acting on behalf of .. Gilbert, social unrest or… economic impact due to the boycott can be really serious, we do not wish Yahoo Singapore to be also associated with it, the consequences would even impact international community. We would like to continue to support Yahoo in our community, but not in such a social panic situation.
  • Yahoo! Singapore Newsroom, still I am glad you have owned up to your mistake and clarified. I hope you will be more careful in future and try not to print unsubstantiated untruths especially from Gilbert Goh again.

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