MM Lee Kuan’ love for Singapore did not allow him not to worry about our future generations.

Lee Bee Wah

Had dinner with MM Lee Kuan Yew last evening. He shows so much concern on many issues…..learning and speaking Mandarin at home is one of those that he asked a lot.
You Say
  • Let’s all do our best to cheer Mr Lee Kuan Yew up. We should never forget the sacrifices he made to make Singapore what it is today
  • It is sad to know a man who is so well admired by foreign leaders get cursed by his very own people. He is right to say younger generations are getting more educated but not smarter...sigh.
  • Any Singaporean that ‘curses’  MM Lee Kuan Yew is ungrateful. I can imagine if Singapore was still a British colony or under the Labour Front’s government, would there be many tertiary educated Singaporeans? My fellow Singaporeans, especially the intellectuals; please pause for a minute and honestly reflect how you have come this far. Thank you.
  • At 88, he could have happily enjoying his retirement yet he never stops worrying for S’pore. He pushes hard for the Newater project. In his memoir he said that he can never sleep a day peacefully until the water issue was resolved. Yet we have a bunch of ingrates out there cursing him to death . What a shame !
  • When our generation and those born in the 60s passed on, only those born in the 70s will be left to share our history. Not many of those born in the 80s, who have better life than us, will know the type of life our generations have gone through.
    You mention labour strikes, racial riots and those born after the 80s will stare in your eyes and wonder if we are telling the truth.
    At 88, MM Lee Kuan Yew could have happily retired and enjoy his life but his love for Singapore did not allow him not to worry about our future generations. Yet, there are so many who are ungrateful.
  • Do the opposition party people care about what we have gone through all the hardship and the people – PAP government who have worked so hard over the few decades to make sure Singapore not only survive, we are a successful nation in the world. Have they told the younger Singaporeans about the hardship and struggles which PAP government tackled in the last 40 plus years? Or they only boast what they are so great merely by talking and hard selling themselves for gaining their political power?
  • The opposition always says not to talk about the past. That it is all history now. That we are now successful and rich and should raid the country’s reserves and share the wealth. Our past is important for a reason, that we can look back and learn from it, and so that we can remind ourselves, if we are not prudent as we used to be, we can very well ruin ourselves, through our own hands, within a generation.
  • “Learning without thinking is useless; thinking without learning is dangerous” 
    Applies to Singaporean youth like me. Especially the ‘educated’ ones.

    The ability to understand and bounce back from hardship is missing in Singapore. Kids see an MRT come half a minute late and act like the world ended.


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