People who naysayers hate

People who naysayers hate:

  1. Singaporeans who love Singapore.
  2. Singaporeans who are Scholars/Do well in Studies/ Do well in career.
  3. Singaporeans who are kind or generous (They call people who are kind ‘fake’
  4.  Singaporeans who are not interested in politics and more interested in K-drama or Career (They call them ‘sheep’ and ‘brainwashed’)
  5.  Singaporeans who are happy with their lives (They cannot stand the thought of someone being happy when they consider Singapore such a miserable place).
  6. Singaporeans who drive nice cars, or Singaporeans who drive normal cars but still love their car anyway.
  7. Singaporeans who take public transport and still love their country.

I’ve just realised that everything naysayers hate has everything to do with being happy and balanced in life.

It’s well known that in Hong Kong, when you drive a nice car, people congratulate you and ask “How do I become like him?”

In Singapore, when you drive a nice car, the naysayers will “vandalise” your car and ask “How do I vote the people who will punish these people for doing well?”

by wj


You say : 

  • Agreed! Even my friends get incredulous when I say I love Singapore. Actually this goes on in ‘elite’ schools to0, where saying you love your school is akin to saying you love the government.

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