Chee Soon Juan is cunning

If Chee Soon Juan agrees to use the fees/donations paid to him for speaking at such occasions to pay off his debts, the Official Assignee might just let him travel overseas.

The group of doctors who forms the SDP’s so-called Healthcare Advisory panel and other rich supporters can easily bail him out. Anytime.

And don’t we know that SDP has well-stuffed sponsors?

But Chee Soon Juan is cunning – he does not want to have his long-standing bankrupt discharged so that he can continue to draw attention to himself as someone with curtailed freedom.

Once he is no longer a bankrupt, he will just be another ordinary Opposition politician, and have to share the limited limelight with them.

by Bryan Ti  
Source : Chee Soon Juan is cunning


An Open Letter to Prime Minister Lee Hsein Loong of Singapore – The Huffington Post –
– In sum, the Singaporean government’s major convictions of Dr. Chee violate international law, and enforcing a travel ban on him further enforces this violation.  

You Say
  • I really don’t wish to comment on anything related to this character. But after reading the comments between Bryan Ti and Adeline, I have to fully agree with Bryan, this guy is devious. How dare he give speeches openly criticising Singapore…. So sad that there is actually people out there who supports his so-called “cause”.
    Somehow they just don’t see that driving a car and having a hanphone is not the lifestyle of the frugal, bearing in mind his wife is also not gainfully employed. I’m gainfully employed and yet I have to take public transport to work daily. It’s obvious he has a steady income stream but is maintaining his bankruptcy status to gain political points. Perhaps the OA can look in to where this income comes from so that he can be forced to pay.
  • All Chee Soon Juan need to do is to comply with IPTO request like  :
    a. periodic filing of statement of account
    b. regular contribution to his estate
    c. declare the income earn from such talks etc
    then I believe he would be freed to travel. but no and behold!
    Chee Soon Juan  DID not comply with any of the above!
  • why do they call him opposition “leader”? he has never won a seat and is not a leader.
  • rebuttal to the news :
    1. Dr Chee has NEVER been jailed for “…contempt of Parliament, speaking in public without a permit, selling books improperly, and attempting to leave the country without a permit”. he was FINED.2. He was fined in the same way of other public nuisance, littering of illegal parking. He was jailed for failing to pay fine. Is it different from the author’s country? ..would he say that Singapore jails people for littering or illegal parking?

    3.the author is obviously not familiar with Singapore. otherwise, he would have known that Singaporean does not approve people like Dr Chee to go down the street and cause traffic jam(!) – no kidding!

    4. Author notes: “A general travel restriction aimed at preventing a bankrupt individual from defrauding creditors may be legitimate.” ..then why should we afford Dr Chee a high place above the law?

    5. Invite the author to comment on restriction on discussing Holocaust in most west European countries. Why restrict what can be discussed in public?

  •  Are we to respect “international law” more than we respect the laws of our own country? What nonsense is this?
  • Singapore has ‘different’ laws for a reason and what works internationally may/will not work for Singapore. Always irked by Americans asking us to change this and that.
  • These human rights guys don’t even know the character of Chee Soon Juan. Or does saying I support democracy and am a freedom fighter mean that all sins can be excused?
  • Let’s suggest to the whatever New York based human rights group to take Chee Soon Juan to USA to become American citizen. Chee Soon Juan can tour around all the cities in USA, enjoy some life and give talks about human rights. He can help the people in America to fight for human rights.

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