“The wage revolution, interrupted” compiled by Fabrications About The PAP

“The wage revolution, interrupted” – StraitsTimes, 27 Jan 2012

To recap what businessman Mr Ho Kwon Ping said that sparks the “Shock Therapy” proposal. Here is a record of the report: http://sghardtruth.wordpress.com/2012/04/25/the-wage-revolution-interrupted/

‘If Singaporeans want a country where the fruits of wealth are shared more equally, then they must also be willing to share in the costs of realising that vision. — That is the key to completing the wage revolution.” …

THERE remains an uncomfortable possibility: that many Singaporeans are content with the status quo. For one thing, higher wages may not suffice to attract Singaporeans to certain jobs.It will be easier to reduce dependence on foreign labour if local workers can pick up the slack. But that is far from guaranteed when it comes to being a construction worker, waiter or nurse.

‘Bear in mind that these are jobs that Singaporeans shunned in the first place,’ says Mr Seah. Getting Singaporeans into such jobs will require a shift in mindset, not just monetary incentives.

In his speech, Mr Ho called for just that: ‘We must create a culture which respects quality plumbers, builders, food service staff – and the entrepreneurs who will be self-employed in providing these services.’

Still, even if Singaporeans continue to shun such jobs, improvements in productivity could help lower dependence on foreign labour. Fewer foreign workers will be needed if one who is higher-skilled is able to do the work of several lower-skilled ones.

The bitter pill of higher consumer prices might be easier to swallow if sweetened by improvements in quality.

Link : Fabrications About The PAP


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