Understanding why Xenophobia is a DISEASE in our society.

Xenophobia is Unhealthy !

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Understanding why Xenophobia is a DISEASE in our society. 

I refer to my first post in ‘Speak up Against Xenophobia’ where I highlighted ‘Xenophobia is equivalent to R-A-C-I-S-M’. Foreigners come to visit or work Singapore from all over the world. You may see them in different class or races. You may not like those foreigners coming from ‘third world country’ who displays their disgusting habits, bad mannerism or anti-social culture but it doesn’t give us the right to discriminate against them especially to those innocent people who have done nothing wrong to us.

One or two black sheep here doesn’t warrant the whole lots of them from the same country are the same black sheep. This kind of mindset is very shallow. Those foreigners who break the law in Singapore will be dealt with. That’s why the law is here in place. We should not take matters into our own hands and go to the extremes; both online in cyberspace & reality. That’s where we will sink to the level of xenophobia; a DISEASE. Your mind and heart will be filled with hatred & full of negativity. You can never be happy unless you eliminate the xenophobia within yourself and walk out from it, and to be free. 

This form of xenophobia act is totally wrong. It goes against the human rights, multi-racial & peaceful harmony where we, Singaporeans took many years to bond together, to build up & we are proud of it. 

As Singaporeans, we are all educated people. Our children are easily able to access to education everywhere in a small cosmopolitan country; therefore I trust that we, Singaporeans can do much better than to allow xenophobia to get the better of us. Would you want your children to learn from your bad examples?

As long you have resentment against a foreigner/ PR or new citizens, your own behavior will create unhappiness be it in workplace, neighborhood or public places. You won’t be able to work in sync with your foreign colleague, you won’t be able to communicate or form a bond between yourself and your neighbors. In public places such as restaurants, public transports & services, you would have no qualms about lashing out your complaints/ unhappiness against them. The anger and resentment is all up in your mind. The only solution is to free yourself from discrimination and prejudices starting today!

“You are responsible for how you feel no matter what one does to you. Remember, you are always in control of your thoughts so choose to feel confident and adequate rather than angry and insecure.

Let’s give us a minute to think about it & proceed to the facts below.

Now let’s face reality. I will list out some facts below.

  1.  How many of us have traveled out of Singapore to visit China, India, United States, Australia, Philippines, Thailand and more.
  2.  How many of us have ventured overseas to work with foreigners both in and out of Singapore?
  3. How many of us know the historical fact that Singapore has always been dependent on immigrants for its economic prosperity?
  4. How many of us local citizens who have foreign spouses who eventually become new citizens & gave you a lovely home, family and kids?
  5.  How many of your spouses who are ‘New Citizens’ receive or experience such treatments from xenophobia people?

A Google search engine for ‘Foreign Trash’ has taken me by surprise. Here is a screen shot of it below. We can wonder what some Singaporeans have evolved into today.

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With Salute & Respect,
Little Fish

Link :  Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining – Understanding why Xenophobia is a DISEASE in our society.


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    Xenophobia is Unhealthy !
    Please LIKE this page today to show your support against Xenophobia !
    Link : Speak Up Against Xenophobia in Singapore


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