Those who wished for a bersih on Singapore should be charged with treason…

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  • Some of my friends, who are obviously not fans of the incumbent government, seem to be extremely interested in the development of the Bersih movement across the border. They seemed to be wishing for the same to happen here in Singapore. Bloody fools. I’d be in front of the cops and smacking them myself if something like this were to happen.
  • Truly, these delusionals do not know what they have until all is lost. I mean, what the hell goes about in their heads anyway?!They want change, even when they are not sure what change it is they want, no matter what the costs.They took part in a protest, knowing full well that it is bordering on the illegal. And when people amongst them turn violent, blame the police for excessive violence? Whose fault?And there are people actively encouraging our people to take part in the such!As I am sure why the likes of Anwar was there. They have everything to gain when violence erupts. And people would see “the police are heavily armed against unarmed civilians.” That is all it takes to influence the fence sitters that the incumbent needs to go.
  • Reason being the police are heavily armed against unarmed civilians.I agree that there will be those that try to exploit this fact.Do they have any idea what the ratio of armed policemen vs unarmed civilians is?The protesters are there because they chose to, the riot policemen are there because it is their job.There are people who take part in illegal assemblies and when they refuse to disperse when asked to do so by the police are surprised that they are tear-gassed.This is the real and not a virtual protest, collar bones and skulls can be broken and people can die.
  • BN is really corrupt and useless. I was a Malaysian for 35 years before converting. If I was still Malaysian I would protest too.But are the alternatives (opposition parties) better?If you look what DAP has done for Penang and what PAS has done for Kelantan you’d be encouraged. Good clean effective govt.Unlike the opposition in Spore which are hopeless.
  • Bersih rally had genuine and proper reasons. But they lost control of the crowd. If the control was there the rally would have been a success.
  • So did many other movements and revolutions in recent history. But many, if not all, have been perverted by more insidious and sinister players who hide behind the scenes until the chaos ensues. If there is none, they will be the ones to cause the chaos and mayhem. Then, they WILL strike when the conditions are right.The cause for idealistic freedom, liberty and equal rights for all mankind has NEVER held true. Lead or be led.
  • Those who thinks Singapore need bersih 101 should first try their ways to bride our police officers out of traffic offences.How can you compare a house totally infested with termites to a house needing simple new wall painting?You want to topple PAP is your choice and your business. You want to topple my country, then its my duty to see that you get put down first!
  • Malaysia is big and full of resources. They can afford to close their doors like the not so long ago the currency control and still survive.Just try closing Singapore ports for 1 day and see what happen.Failure to see the context of the situations is the paramount failures of fanatics to take over government because they simply are not capable.

    1. Singapore do not need a bersih 2. Singapore cannot afford a bersih 

    Those who wished for a bersih on Singapore should be first charged with treason and put away. SDP you are a such party who wished for it and along with it fools who believe in you! Where’s your “jasmine” revolution you lauded so much? What happen to Egypt now? SDP and Chee Soon Juan and members, if the law decide to “unjustly” put you away, be sure I would be there to assist the “unjust” law! Traitors!!!!!

  • After the Bersih 3.0 the streets of KL needs bersih 3.1.1….. Cleaners and rubbish truck!

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