There’s something about being an NSman

together we can do more

It’s less about lofty notions of service and patriotism, and more about being there for your buddy

 The third-generation Singapore Armed Forces, or 3G SAF for short. That was what my batch of soldiers, already comfortable with computers and keyboards and soon to be adept with rifles, was supposed to be.

But barely months after we enlisted in 2004, our army instructors informed us that ‘3G’ might as well stand for Grumble, Grumble, Grumble.

As rookie soldiers, we had a lot to whine about. The food never tasted good enough, the fieldpack was too small for all that equipment, our book-out hours were too short… The list was endless.

I was reminded of 3G when I reported for three weeks of reservist training recently. Rookie soldiers have nothing on us older national servicemen (NSmen), who have surely turned griping into an art form.

Every year, my platoon of IT engineers…

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