Xenophobia isn’t about politics, it is OUR CONSCIENCE! – by Little Fish

Today I read Choo Zheng Xi’s article, ‘Are People Afraid to Speak Up Against Xenophobia?’ What he said inspired me to write on my blog tonight. Source link is here: Click Here

One of their commentator’s words is truly awakening. Those with conscience will fully understand this below:

“This isn’t about politics people. This is about who we are. And there is no justifying the actions of those who slam the foreigners for all the little mistakes they make. Just with the comments made here, you have people trying to justify their actions, essentially saying “It’s the government’s fault that I’m doing this”.

But no, I do not believe that is right. Blame the government all you wish, hate on them all you want, but do not use it to justify the hateful mindset against foreigners that do not deserve it.”

Now I recalled having read one or two articles from ‘The Talking Rubbish’ website (You know, I know). I have taken a screenshot below for your reference.

A Mr. Jack Russel, (Do he exists? Don’t know) could have asked to speak with Singtel’s Branch Manager on duty to make a complaint that their staffs who are at the counter is unable to communicate with him in English language. He could have made his stand clear to the branch manager that those who are in customer services are required to have English proficiency, both in written & spoken. In Singapore, having proficiency in English language is a must as we have other races who are not able to understand Chinese language at all.

Singtel’s branch manager would then take note of the non-English speaking staffs and write in to Singtel’s HR Dept to refer these PRC staffs for training courses. Their PRC staffs could enroll in English course to learn the language & upgrade themselves to serve customers better. All could be dissolved plain and simple.

Their PRC staffs did nothing wrong to Mr. Jack Russel. They just can’t speak English. One can wonder why Mr. Jack Russel choose to write in to ‘The Talking Rubbish’ and his intention for doing this. As soon the article got posted on the Facebook, I found several ‘xenophobes’ there. Not surprising, ‘The Talking Rubbish’ is well known site for its anti-foreigner sentiments. The source of xenophobia is there. It is affirmative.

Now you may see the screen shot below.

Good night folks,

Little Fish.

Source : Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining (blog) ~ Xenophobia isn’t about politics, it is OUR CONSCIENCE!


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