MRT MRT MRT…? Do we Count our Blessings instead?

The MRT issue seems to be on the widespread and there are some who are pointing fingers on our PAP Government.

Yes, I understood the inconvenience it brings on the slowing down of train or delayed….etc.

But to say, are we thankful that the train did not go off rail and cause fatal or serious injuries? It’s better to be slow than deadly?

Spreading “sighing” of MRT issues or negative messages does not and will not help our Home Singapore or individuals but, will just be like diseases, spreading negativism which will cause individual to be low morale and ‘no mood’ to work or do anything else and more prone to be depression about life!

To say, by spreading the negative messages against our Good PAP Government, are such individuals, subconsciously, perhaps, being used or doing the wish of those who hope to be in power (which may be / most likely for self interest purposes) which may/will lead to the downfall of our HOME SINGAPORE?

Count our Blessings look around us in our Home Singapore and look at the Mirror! Our life is a Gift of Life! It’s a Blessing we are Alive today Breathing and especially to be living in Singapore! 

The modern life we are living in, the wonderful infrastructure, a country with no natural resources that can sail through the storms of economic crisis, clean safe water to drink and many more…..of all the Good, did we take note and also to appreciate and thank our Good PAP Leaders?

May we have an understanding that our PAP Government is not perfect, so am I who are not perfect or anyone else too. Are we taking our Good PAP Government for granted and thinking that our PAP Government is a deity who can and should fulfill all our needs and wants?


Anyway, again about the MRT issues, I would suggest anyone who criticize, mock, complain or pinpoint our Good PAP Government, to provide a solution or think about how to improve the situation instead of spreading negative messages and complain this or that.

Instead of using the time to criticize or complain, this could be a Money Making opportunity!

Instead of spending the time to think about things to sigh, complain or displeased (although may brings temporary relief by subconsciously venting personal frustration against PAP Government ), why not start drafting a solution plan with budget on how to solve the issue effectively and efficiently in a cost savings manner.

Great Successful Self made millionaires do not spend time complaining, murmuring, pin pointing the Government, but when they know there is a need and problems spreading, they simply find/provide a solution to serve.

Singapore is a land of opportunity if one knows the Strength of our Standing, what our Good PAP Government has done and is doing, and take the time to discover it and plan their future.

Cherish What we Have lest we lose it and our family and future generations suffer.

by DW


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