To understand why policies are crafted, you got to…..

Excerpt :

It is in the interest of the government to commuicate the policies and the rationale behind them. And frankly with the internet, the government knows that it can no longer get aways with “silent” implementation of unpleasant policies.

While the failure to communicate is still partly the government’s failt at times, I see the problem as otherwise two-fold: either people don’t bother to listen, or, they don’t want to listen.

You see clear symptoms of these phenomena in online comments, especially on the alternative media. Som people clearly don’t bother to read up, listen or find out about policies before they say their pieces. And then there are those who either refuse to understand, or do not want to understand as long as the message are from the government.

To be realistic, such people exist all around the world.

And there are others who can understand why polices are so ‘crafted’. Issue is that if they are in the minority who are adversely affected, and there will always be a group adversely affected, they can’t accept that majority gains on their account.

Not all polices are win-win for all. We are not in utopia. Yet

by Bryan Ti

share from : Fabrications About The PAP

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